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For Information About Access to SAChE Products

SAChE is an educational effort of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS). Universities, Corporations, and other organizations may become a member in SAChE by completing [this form] and forwarding it with appropriate payment to AIChE. (Note that it is never advisable to send credit card information by email.)

Please note that SAChE membership pertains to a specific year. In other words, if you wish to access the SAChE materials attributed to 2007, you will join for 2007, even though that year has passed. Once you join for a specific year, your access to the SAChE materials pertaining to that year will continue indefinitely. In the attached form, please indicate all of the years you have interest in; you may join for as many as you would like. A list of the SAChE modules is available under the Products link.

SAChE Application

If you have more questions about SAChE membership, please contact AIChE at

For Information About Access to the Printable SAChE Beacon Archive

If you are interested in access to the printable Beacon archive, please contact AIChE at Note that all Beacon publications in the SaChE archive can be viewed online. You can sign up to obtain future additions of the Process Safety Beacon through AIChE by signing up here.


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