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SAChE Products can be used and adopted to learning environments including students in many different fields (such as chemical and mechanical engineering as well as chemistry and materials science) and practicing engineers (such as in safety training programs). We attempt to put the materials in an easy to use format, and modifications can be made to the materials to fit the circumstances.

Index of All Products

Title (Year)Access
A Process Safety Management (PSM) Overview (2012) Log in
An Inherently Safer Process Checklist (2013) Log in
Case History: A Batch Polystyrene Reactor Runaway (2011) Log in
CCPS Process Safety Beacon Archive (2007) Log in
Chemical Reactivity Hazards (2005) Log in
Compressible and Two-Phase Flow with Applications Including Pressure Relief System Sizing (2011) Log in
Consequence Modeling Source Models I: Liquids & Gases (2004) Log in
Conservation of Life: Application of Process Safety Management (2012) Log in
Design for Overpressure and Underpressure Protection (2006) Log in
Dow Fire and Explosion Index (F&EI) and Chemical Exposure Index (CEI) Software (2011) Log in
Dust Explosion Prevention and Control (2006) Log in
Emergency Relief System Design for Single and Two-Phase Flow (2005) Log in
Explosions (2009) Log in
Fire Protection Concepts (2010) Log in
Fundamentals of Chemical Transportation with Case Histories (2012) Log in
Green Engineering Tutorial (2004) Log in
Hydroxylamine Explosion Case Study (2003) Log in
Improving Communication Skills (2004) Log in
Inherently Safer Design (2006) Log in
Inherently Safer Design Conflicts and Decisions (2008) Log in
Introduction to Biosafety (2005) Log in
Jeopardy Contests for Process Safety (2011) Log in
Layer of Protection Analysis - Introduction (2011) Log in
Metal Structured Packing Fires (2004) Log in
Mini-Case Histories (2003) Log in
Piper Alpha Lessons Learned (2007) Log in
Process Hazard Analysis: An Introduction (2009) Log in
Process Hazard Analysis: Process and Examples (2009) Log in
Process Safety Course Presentations (2010) Log in
Project Risk Analysis (PRA): Unit Operations Lab Applications (2009) Log in
Properties of Materials (2007) Log in
Reactive and Explosive Materials (2009) Log in
Risk Assessment (2008) Log in
Runaway Reactions -- Experimental Characterization and Vent Sizing (2005) Log in
Rupture of a Nitroaniline Reactor (2007) Log in
Safe Handling Practices: Methacrylic Acid (2010) Log in
Safety Guidance for Design Projects (2011) Log in
Safety in the Chemical Process Industries (2006) Log in
Safety Valves: Practical Design Practices for Relief Valve Sizing (2003) Log in
Safety, Health, and Environmental Text for Textbooks (2003) Log in
Seminar on Fire (2009) Log in
Seminar on Tank Failures (2008) Log in
Seveso Accidental Release Case History (2008) Log in
Simplified Relief System Design Package (2005) Log in
Solutions to Student Problem Set Volume 1 (2005) Log in
Solutions to Student Problem Set Volume 2 (2005) Log in
Static Electricity as an Ignition Source (2008) Log in
Static Electricity I -- Everything You Wanted to Know about Static Electricity (2007) Log in
Student AIChE 2002 Design Problem Solution (2006) Log in
T2 Runaway Reaction and Explosion (2012) Log in
The Bhopal disaster: A Case History (2010) Log in
Understanding Atmospheric Dispersion of Accidental Releases (2010) Log in
University Access to SuperChems and ioXpress (2005) Log in
Venting of Low Strength Enclosures (2007) Log in
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