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Consequence Modeling Source Models I: Liquids & Gases


Jan Wagner (Oklahoma State University)


This module was developed to help introduce issues of safety and loss prevention in undergraduate engineering courses. Each of the five major sections can be used independently, depending on the student's backgrounds.

Section 1 is an introduction to the role of source models in the risk assessment process. Section 2 introduces the basic information required to select or develop an appropriate source model for a given release scenario. The fundamental concepts of the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, the mechanical energy balance, and friction losses in pipes and fittings are reviewed briefly in Section 3. Section 4 deals with flow of liquids in pipes and orifices. The example problems are intended to introduce loss prevention issues, and they can be used in any fluid mechanics class. Section 5 presents the flow of ideal gas in orifices and pipes. This material may be appropriate in fluid mechanics or thermodynamics classes. The derivations of equations for compressible flow are intended to show the relationships between physical phenomena and the mathematical model; the fundamental concepts apply to ideal and real gases.

The module resources include text, accompanying PowerPoint presentations, student homework problems, and an instructor's solution manual.

Suggested courses that can use this product

  • Material/Energy Balances (Fundamentals)
  • Fluid Flow
  • Thermodynamics
  • Design
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