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Fundamentals of Chemical Transportation with Case Histories


Ronald J. Willey (Northeastern University)


Chemical engineering students typically receive little formal training in the transportation of materials beyond the flow of material within a pipe. Yet, our raw materials must arrive by some means, and our products need to be shipped. In hazard analysis, it is often vitally important that the chemical engineer consider the details of material transfer beyond the pipe. The engineer should be aware of the many regulations that cover the transfer of commercial materials. They should have some sense of the potential hazards of the various means of transportation based on past incidents. They should understand the signage on various transport vessels should an accident occur within the plant or neighborhood and they are called upon to offer expertise in clean up. This overview of transportation of chemical materials addresses these topics and includes several case histories. Review of the total package requires two to three hours. For a classroom presentation, portions can be shown within a 45 minute lecture with several memorable photos particularly in the section “why I lost my job today.”

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