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Fire Protection Concepts


Reed Welker (University of Arkansas)


This SACHE product introduces the fundamental concepts of fires including their extinguishment and control. This streaming video presentation consists of two parts:

Section 1: “Fundamentals of Fire Behavior” describes some of the fundamental characteristics of fires including basic definitions, the fire triangle, and reaction mechanisms. Examples of burning gases, liquids, and solids are discussed and demonstrated in addition to the difference between a premixed flame and a diffusion flame. The importance of turbulence and buoyancy is discussed along with their effects on the behavior and size of large fires. (30 minutes)

Section 2: “Fire Extinguishment and Control” describes the major aspects of fire protection systems. National Fire Protection Association fire classification is discussed. Passive and Active methods of fire control are discussed. Passive methods include inventory reduction, replacement of flammable materials, separation of process areas from storage, diking and impoundment, and fireproofing of structures. Active methods include water for extinguishment and control, regular and high expansion foams, dry chemicals, vaporizing liquids, and inerting agents. Field tests demonstrating these methods are shown. (41 minutes)

Hyperlinks to streaming video sources are included in a word processing file to view the videos.

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  • Chemical Reactions/Kinetics
  • Design
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