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Reed Welker (University of Arkansas)


This SACHE product covers the fundamentals of explosions and some practices necessary for preventing explosions. The 35 minute video includes:

  • Pictures showing the consequences of explosions.
  • Discussion of definitions, such as auto-ignition temperature (AIT), lower and upper flammability limits (LFL/UFL), minimum ignition energy (MIE), limiting oxygen concentration (LOC), flash point (FP), etc.
  • The distinction between physical and chemical explosions.
  • Detailed discussions covering boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions (BLEVES), dust explosions, deflagrations, and detonations.

The video can be used as an introduction to a lecture on explosions, or given to students for self study prior to a more detailed discussion in a classroom setting. This product can be used in universities or industrial training sessions. In the university, it can be used in various courses such as design, thermodynamics, kinetics, or a safety course. In industry, it can be used for new engineers as an introduction to chemical process safety.

The recommended practices and related references include:

  • Explosion prevention technology, such as reliefs, venting devices, etc.
  • Codes and Standards – NFPA, ASME, and API.
  • Textbooks, CCPS Guidelines, Periodicals, Short Courses, and SACHE materials.

Student access: All files are available to students logged into the site.

Suggested courses that can use this product

  • Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Reactions/Kinetics
  • Design
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