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Project Risk Analysis (PRA): Unit Operations Lab Applications


Bruce Vaughen (Cabot Corporation)


Project Risk Analysis (PRA) is part of the OSHA Process Safety Management standard that considers both process-related hazards (e.g., fire, explosion, and toxic release) as well as other personnel safety-related hazards (e.g., noise, utilities, etc.). This SaChE product helps a lab instructor apply PRA in an undergraduate unit operations laboratory setting. Based on an industrial risk analysis approach, students document that they understand the potential hazardous events related to their project before experimental work begins based on an area tour; blank PRA check lists are provided. Whether students continue on to graduate school or begin their careers at an industrial site, this risk-based approach teaches tools that enhance students’ awareness of hazards to help ensure their safety when working in new and potentially hazardous environments.

This SAChE product includes:

  • An overview of the information and its application (PRADescription.rtf),
  • A detailed description of a risk analysis approach with applications to typical unit ops labs (PRAManual.doc, PRA Table 13.pdf, and PRA Table 14.pdf),
  • Blank (Excel) tables that are used for each unit operations experiment considered (also available to students after logging into this site), and
  • A PowerPoint presentation to introduce students to the concepts of PRA.

Student access: The hazard definitions, questionnaire, and workbook are available to students logged into the site.

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