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Process Hazard Analysis: Process and Examples


David Mody (Queen’s University at Kingston)


This discussion of Process Hazard Analysis focuses on the process, tools, and documentation required to complete a PHA. This product uses examples to illustrate the process and checklist methods typically used in a PHA, but details of the techniques for hazard review by HAZOP’s, FMEA’s, and FTA’s are not included (these are well documented in other resources). At the end of this module, participants should have a good grasp of how Hazard Identification, Hazard Evaluation, and Risk Analysis all combine into a process for documenting and performing a PHA. Liberal use of examples provides students with the experience necessary to apply these skills in new situations.

The presentation can be made to a group or as a self directed study (or homework). The product could be used in a university (in a design or safety course, for example) or in an industrial training setting as an orientation session for new engineers. An introduction to PHAs can be found in the accompanying 2009 SaChE product “Process Hazard Analysis: An Introduction”. This Introduction includes several files (material balance, P&ID, plant 3D model) that can be used as a project for students to apply the knowledge outlined here.

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