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Reactive and Explosive Materials


R. J. Willey (Northeastern University)
J. F. Louvar (Wayne State University)


The video "Reactive and Explosive Materials" was distributed as a SAChE product in 1999 as a VHS tape. The video has been extensively used by many university and industry professionals in training and educational environments.

This DVD contains excellent explanations and video of actual explosions that give students an understanding and a healthy respect for handling potentially hazardous chemicals. As stated on the video “What you know don’t know may kill you.” Topics discussed include:

  • deflagrations
  • detonations
  • maximum safe storage temperature (MSST)
  • self accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT)
  • reactive chemicals
  • explosives
  • pyrophoric liquids
  • oxidizers
  • sensitive contaminated chemicals
  • classes of hazards

There is no plan to distribute this video via the SAChE web site because it is copyrighted material. This 25 minute presentation can be used in lectures or assignments for homework or independent study. Professors can use it in various courses, such as kinetics, thermodynamics, process design, or a safety course. Industrial trainers can use it to introduce chemical process safety to their new chemists or engineers. Information on obtaining the DVD is available at Neither SaChE nor its participants have been provided any remuneration associated with this information. (There are no downloadable files for this product.)

Suggested courses that can use this product

  • Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Reactions/Kinetics
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