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Safety, Health, and Environmental Text for Textbooks


S. Horsch (Wayne State University)
M. Horsch (University of Michigan)
J. Louvar (Wayne State University)


SACHE's objectives are to:
  • assist professors to add safety, health, and environmental (SHE) concepts to the core courses of all chemical engineering departments
  • assist professionals to appreciate the importance of SHE concepts in university and company environments
  • help companies to improve their safety and environmental performance
The genesis of this product was at a Faculty Workshop where a group professors made the following remark: 'The best way for professors to add SHE concepts to their courses is to have these materials in their textbooks.' This product, consequently, was developed to help authors to add safety, health, and environmental concepts to their textbooks. The subjects addressed include:
  • Kinetics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Stoichiometry
  • Mass Transport
  • Heat Transport
  • Design
This product has three major sections:
  • Text with Examples to embed into the chapters of textbooks
  • Problems and Solutions for the end of the chapters
  • SHE related Figures that can be added anywhere within textbooks and/or for enhancing lectures
The materials were primarily adapted from existing SACHE products.

Student access: Problem statements are available to students logged into the site (in Problem_statements.pdf).

Suggested courses that can use this product

  • Thermodynamics
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