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Venting of Low Strength Enclosures


W. B. Howard (Monsanto, retired)
J. F. Louvar (Wayne State University)


This package on Explosion Prevention Research was originally produced for SACHE university members to help them add an element of chemical process safety to their Process Design Courses and/or help professors and graduate students to:
  • Understand the violence of explosions, and
  • Understand the technology required to prevent explosions.

Although this product was originally designed for academic setting, it contains many concepts and/or pictures that will be very useful in training programs in an industrial environment.

A narrated movie “Venting of Low Strength Enclosures” discusses: a) damage due to non-vented explosions, b) design criteria for sizing vents, c) NFPA 68 vent equation for sizing vents, d) discussions regarding the design details of the vent panels and constraints, and e) details of experimental tests that were made to develop the design criteria for explosion vents. The movie contains many excellent pictures and video clips of explosions that illustrate the magnitude, speed, and consequences of explosions. All of the files necessary to show the narrated movie are in After restoring the files and starting the Astound Player (astdplay.exe), select the file venting.asd, and click the play button to start the narrated movie.

The PowerPoint presentation with this product (venting.ppt) can be used as is or modified to fit an instructor’s requirements. The presentation has 17 slides. The slides include excellent pictures of the consequences of explosions taken from the narrated movie. The file venting.ppt includes presentation notes, and additional notes are included in venting.doc.

Suggested courses that can use this product

  • Design
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