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Dust Explosion Prevention and Control


J. Louvar and R. Schoeff (Wayne State University)


This SACHE product covers the fundamentals and guidelines for preventing dust explosions. This product includes three sections:

  • Section 1: A PowerPoint presentation describes the basic concepts for understanding dust explosions (deflagrations, detonations, necessary conditions for causing dust explosions, and the consequences of dust explosions).
  • Section 2: This includes two videos named Deadly Dust II and III. Deadly Dust II was developed in the 1980s and emphasizes the technology to prevent dust explosions. Deadly Dust III was developed in the early 2000s and emphasizes the injuries caused by dust explosions. Both videos include case histories. Although the videos were specifically developed for the grain industry, everything in this product is relevant to the prevention of any dust explosion. The videos are available through streaming video links in one of the product files.
  • Section 3: This section covers the fundamentals for eliminating dust ignitions from the build-up of static electricity. The topics which are described in this PowerPoint presentation include: a) conditions for the accumulation of static charges, b) specific types of static electricity discharges, c) calculation methods for estimating the potential for ignitions, d) case histories, and e) design methods for eliminating ignitions.

A text document includes background for all of the Powerpoint presentations as well as the videos. This product supports the U.S. Chemical Safety Board’s emphasis concerning the hazards of handling dusts. This emphasis is due to the continued accidents and injuries that are the result of dust explosions.

Student access: All files are available to students logged into the site.

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