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Student AIChE 2002 Design Problem Solution


S. Horsch and J. Louvar (Wayne State University)
J. Wehman (BASF Corporation, retired)


This product includes a solution to the 2002 AIChE Design Problem that was developed by a student (S. Horsch) with significant assistance from very knowledgeable design professionals; these are the professionals who developed this design problem, and they have worked on this design in an industrial environment.

This product includes concepts, calculations, and drawings that can be used in future AIChE design solutions, for example:

  • Relief valve calculations for gases, liquids, and two phase flows;
  • Safety review including hazards and resulting safety measures to prevent accidents and inherent safety concepts and features;
  • The process flow diagram (PFD) and process and instrument diagram (P&ID); and
  • MathCad programs for making the design calculations.

All of the MathCad programs and Visio drawings can be copied for using in future design problem solutions. Additionally, the safety review and inherent safety discussions will be an excellent aid in the development of safety and inherent design concepts for all future AIChE design problems. The AIChE Student Chapters Committee that administers the annual AIChE Design competition approved posting of this example problem.

Suggested courses that can use this product

  • Material/Energy Balances (Fundamentals)
  • Fluid Flow
  • Heat Transfer
  • Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Reactions/Kinetics
  • Design
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