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Safety Valves: Practical Design Practices for Relief Valve Sizing


Eric N. Parvin and Arthur M. Sterling (Louisiana State University)


The goal of this module is to inform and educate inexperienced engineers about process safety management in general, and about safety valve sizing and the application of engineering principles to safe process design in particular. We also hope to encourage logical thinking patterns in an overview of process design for inherently safer process systems. The target audience will normally be college engineering students, but may also be entry-level engineers (0-3 years) who have not yet been exposed to this subject matter, or as a refresher for more experienced engineers. Contained within this package are two software files (one MS PowerPoint presentation and one MS Excel file). The PowerPoint presentation is intended for educational purposes to gain knowledge and a general understanding of Process Safety Management. It is intended to take about one hour to present the material, but can be shortened (see "instruction" slide for further details). The Excel file contains several practical exercises for the students to work in a recitation-type environment, preferably in groups of two or three students. The Excel file contains the problems, solutions, and instructions to prepare the handouts for the class. The recitation is expected to take at least one and a half hours.

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  • Fluid Flow
  • Design
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