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Simplified Relief System Design Package


Ed Kitchen (Digital Solutions Technology, Inc.)


The Mach II system is unique to any other relief system design software because it is custom designed specifically for speed, user-friendliness, flexibility, compatibility, API/ASME single-phase sizing, and DIERS two-phase methodology. In short the Mach II is easy to learn simple to use yet it is very comprehensive. The Mach II program will calculate the required capacity of each relief scenario not already input by the user, and will then calculate the required and standard orifice size and standard relief capacity. The program will then select the worst-case scenario, largest required orifice, as the basis for the design of the relief system to include the associated piping. The program also has a built-in piping program where the user can choose the number and type of fitting for both inlet and outlet piping. Mach II then calculates the piping resistance and pressure drop for this piping arrangement. Mach II is intuitive to use and the results are produced instantaneously by just clicking on the Generate Report tab after all input data has been entered. Mach II was designed based on the requirements as set forth in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119a whereby relief system design and design-based calculations must be compiled and maintained for all processes involving highly hazardous chemicals.

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  • Fluid Flow
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