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University Access to SuperChems and ioXpress


SuperChems is an advanced tool for pressure relief design, consequence analysis, and thermal hazards assessment. Developed by ioMosaic, SuperChems helps companies meet process safety design objectives and management needs. Its rigorous modeling capabilities enable companies to make technically sound decisions about key process design issues. SuperChems contains an extensive databank of more than 1200 components with equation-of-state based computer code and incorporates many features that add tremendous value to the quality of a detailed hazards analysis. It has been extensively validated against experimental data to ensure its accuracy.

ioXpress is a web-based enterprise knowledge management solution and is designed to help companies effectively manage their data and documents, enable knowledge sharing, and enhance communication. It serves as a knowledge manager for creating, editing, storing, and retrieving reusable documents within your organization. All documents are categorized, centralized, and managed through a secure database platform. As a web-based application, ioXpress Knowledge Manager allows users to share documents from any location. It can produce significant returns in the form of cost savings and productivity gains for small and large organizations.


Georges A. Melhem (ioMosaic, Inc.)


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