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Dow Fire and Explosion Index (F&EI) and Chemical Exposure Index (CEI) Software


This SACHE product covers The Dow Fire and Explosion Index Hazards Classification Guide 7th edition and Chemical Exposure Index Guide developed by The Dow Chemical Company and published by AIChE. The program was developed as a collaborative effort between the Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center, The Dow Chemical Company and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

F&EI is a quantitative hazard index. It is based on historical data as well as the energy potential of the materials under evaluation and the extent to which loss prevention practices are applied. F&EI helps engineers to be aware of the hazards in each process unit and facilitates decisions to reduce the severity and/or the probability of the potential incident.

The Chemical Exposure Index (CEI) provides a simple method of rating the acute health hazard to people in neighboring plants or communities due to chemical release incidents. The CEI system provides a method of ranking one hazard relative to another. The CEI is used:

This product includes the programmed calculations for the Fire and Explosion Index and Dow Chemical Exposure Index. User input determines the penalties and credits used to calculate the Fire and Explosion Index. Dow CEI lets the user simulate six different and independent release scenarios (gas, liquid overfill, etc) simultaneously. The results include the airborne quantity, Chemical Exposure Index, and Hazard Distance.

Instructions for installing the software are included in the startup file.

Student access: All files are available to students logged into the site.


S. Mannan (Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center)
W. Smades (Dow Chemical Company)


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