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Mini-Case Histories


This product emphasizes learning from history or being doomed to repeat it. It includes three sections:

as described below:

Mini-Case Histories: There are eight PowerPoint presentations, with notes, that cover the accidents at Bhopal, Monsanto, Phillips, Flixborough, Morton, Tosco, Hickson, and Sonat. The root causes of each accident are included, such as, poor designs, lack of training, and poor management. The information summarized in these case histories was taken from SACHE products, and reports by the Chemical Safety Board.

Process Safety Beacon: The Center for Chemical Process Safety is publishing monthly, one-page case histories or lessons learned. They are available on the Internet via CCPS Beacon. A few of the Beacons are included in this product to remind readers that these lessons are available.

Safety Concepts: This product includes six PowerPoint presentations: Relief Valves; Prevent Runaway Reactions; Manage Design, Construction, and Operations; BLEVEs; Explosions; and Prevent Explosions. The concepts covered are those that are especially relevant to chemical plant accidents.

The Mini-Case Histories and Safety Concepts were developed in a PowerPoint format to give users the opportunity to add slides or lessons as desired.


Joe Louvar and Durai Dakshinamoorthy (Wayne State University)


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