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Static Electricity I -- Everything You Wanted to Know about Static Electricity


Static electricity is a significant problem in both plant and non-industrial environments. About 13% of the ignitions of chemical fires and explosions are due to static electricity. This SACHE product covers the elementary, fundamental, and practical concepts of static electricity including static charge build-up and discharge that can be the ignition source for flammable gases and dusts. Excellent illustrations are given that will help plant designers and operators, as well as the private citizen, understand the fundamentals of static electricity. Some elementary concepts and special design techniques for preventing static charge build-up and discharge are included. The PowerPoint presentation can be used as a one-hour lecture and can be modified as desired. References are provided in the Word Document. Note that the PowerPoint lecture links to the video clip included with this product, and this link may need to be modified after the product is downloaded.


Marc Rothschild (Rohm and Haas)


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