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Safety in the Chemical Process Industries


This video series entitled "Safety in the Chemical Process Industries" presents a strong introduction to the application of chemical process safety technology in an actual chemical facility. All video material was taped at the Chemical Engineering Research Department at BASF Corporation in Wyandotte, Michigan. Most of the demonstrations are given using actual process equipment in the BASF Process Development (PD) facility.

This series is designed as instructional material for undergraduate students in chemical or mechanical engineering as well as industrial engineers or chemists who are being introduced to industrial safety for the first time. This series provides significant supplementary material for an existing undergraduate chemical engineering course on chemical process safety. This series was funded by the National Science Foundation and by BASF Corporation.

Hyperlinks to streaming video sources are included in a word processing file (updated 31 January 2007). A Study Guide and Instructor's Guide were written to accompany the video, and both guides are included with this product.

Student access: Streaming video access and the study guide are available to students through the site.


D.A. Crowl (Michigan Tech University)


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