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Design for Overpressure and Underpressure Protection


This product will help faculty, students, and professionals incorporate proper overpressure and underpressure protection in their process designs. This package helps students:

This SACHE product contains two PowerPoint presentations that can be copied and modified to fit specific teaching/learning objectives. It includes detailed instructions covering a) reliefs, b) runaway reactions, and c) safeguards to prevent accidents. This product can be used in design, fluid flow, or control courses. Some background information is included in this package (see Abstract - References) to assist the student in understanding these general concepts. The package is deliberately designed to be only an introduction to these topics. Using this introductory approach, the package can be used for three half-hour lectures or two hours of self-study exercises.


S. S. Grossel (Process Safety and Design, Inc.)
J. F. Louvar (Wayne State University)


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