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Chemical Reactivity Hazards


This web-based instructional module contains about 100 web pages with extensive links, graphics, videos, and supplemental slides. It can be used either for classroom presentation or as a self-paced tutorial. The module is designed to supplement a junior or senior chemical engineering course by showing how uncontrolled chemical reactions in industry can lead to serious harm, and by introducing key concepts for avoiding unintended reactions and controlling intended reactions. The five main sections in the module cover (1) three major incidents that show the potential consequences of uncontrolled reactions; (2) how chemical reactions get out of control, including consideration of reaction path, heat generation and removal, and people/property/environmental response; (3) data and lab testing resources used to identify reactivity hazards, (4) four approaches to making a facility inherently safer with respect to chemical reactivity hazards; and (5) strategies for designing facilities both to prevent and to mitigate uncontrolled chemical reactions. The module concludes with a ten-question informative quiz. An extensive Glossary and Bibliography are directly accessible from any page.


Robert Johnson (Unwin Co.)


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