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Solutions to Student Problem Set Volume 2


"Safety, Health, and Loss Prevention in Chemical Processes - Volume 2" was originally published by CCPS in 2002 and distributed to SACHE University Members. This was a very popular and valued product that is now out of print. R. Willey recently put this volume in electronic form for distribution here. The problems are available on the Links menu on this site and to students logged into the site.

Like the Volume 1 problems, the 218 problems teach safety, health, and loss prevention. This solution set represents problems and solutions produced by SACHE in the period 1990 to 2000.

The problems were designed for use in existing engineering courses, such as: Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Kinetics, Heat Transfer, Process Dynamics and Control, Computer Solutions, and Mass Transfer. The authors believe that including these problems in a required undergraduate course helps engineering students develop a safety culture and mind set that will benefit them throughout their careers.

Student access: Problem statements are available to students logged into the site.


R. Willey (Northeastern University)
D. Crowl (Michigan Tech University)
R. Welker (University of Arkansas)
R. Darby (Texas A&M University)


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