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Emergency Relief System Design for Single and Two-Phase Flow


This Design Module covers the principles and procedures for sizing emergency relief systems for both single-phase (gas or liquid) and two-phase flow, including relief devices as well as inlet and discharge piping. The Homogeneous Direct Integration method for two-phase flow described herein is simpler, more general, and more rigorous than methods previously presented. The material is in a form which could be incorporated into courses on applied fluid mechanics, process safety, or process design, or it could be presented separately as a "stand alone" topic. It is assumed that the student has a familiarity and working knowledge of the macroscopic conservation laws for mass, energy, and momentum, and Newtonian fluid flow through pipes and fittings, including incompressible as well as compressible flow up to and including choked flow. Several worked examples are included which serve to illustrate applications of the procedures and equations, or which can be used for student exercises. A Power Point presentation is included, as are the spreadsheet calculations for the example problem solutions.


Ron Darby (Texas A&M University)


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